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cREATION of the Genealogical Register

The compilation of the Genealogical Register of the Vermeulen Family in Southern Africa is due to the perseverance and research of Johannes Petrus (Johan) VERMEULEN from Klerksdorp, who started in 1989 to first research his own ancestors, but soon decided to research both progenitors Jan Willemz VERMEULEN and Dirk Corneliz VERMEULEN. He has been assisted since 1996 by his brother Izak Stefanus VERMEULEN from Randburg.

The Genealogical Register of the Vermeulen Family gives full recognition to other Vermeulen descendants who also conducted certain research over the years and whose work formed the basis for further expansion of the Genealogical Register.

During December 2004, the first edition of The Genealogical Register of the Vermeulen Family appeared in Southern Africa and was made available to descendants of the Vermeulen family. Within a few months, the edition of 250 books was sold out.

The research was not stopped by Johan and Izak after the release of the first print. They were able to find additional information regarding a large number of the descendants whose details appeared in the first printing of the book as well as obtain further details of marriages, births and deaths. Furthermore, they were able to obtain information of approximately 4000 additional persons that was entered in the register. Many more photos of people, photos of tombstones, documents, maps of farms and photos of old homesteads (1500 in total) were obtained. In 2011, the updated second print Genealogical Register was released. 5088 descendants of Jan and 17592 descendants of Dirk are entered in the register.

It was also decided to release the updated register on CD due to the fact that the cost of printing a new book is so high that it is not affordable for everyone. It was decided to print a number of books. This CD and books were released on 5 November 2011 in Bloemfontein, during a Vermeulen event.

Johan as well as Izak continued their research and all new information obtained about the Vermeulen family was faithfully recorded by Johan on the Genealogical program PAF5 which he kept until his death on 20 April 2018. His hard work will be preserved forever for the Vermeulen offspring and we will be eternally grateful to him for that.

On 31 March 2019, an updated CD/DVD was released by Hennie and Stoffel Vermeulen which contains all the new information up to this date, i.e. 5222 names in the case of Jan and 18093 names in the case of Dirk. The updated information was obtained through own research, but also especially with regard to marriages and births, the information of which was provided by Vermeulen descendants. Much information is still incomplete as descendants do not update their data. What makes the registers unique, however, is the fact that the registers and CDs not only contain the data of each individual Vermeulen but also contain many interesting stories and events provided by the Vermeulen family. The CDs also contain the photos of graves, persons, documents etc.

The genealogical database is currently maintained by Hennie Vermeulen on the Legacy 9.0 De Luxe genealogy program. Keeping up to date and updating the genealogy database will never stop. There is constantly new information regarding deaths, marriages and births. It is the moral duty of every Vermeulen descendant to ensure that his information remains up to date and thus recorded and preserved for posterity.

The registers, CDs etc can be purchased from the Bond. The prices of our registers, CDs etc. covers running expenses only.

You can purchase your copy HERE 

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