Bond of the Vermeulen Family

Vermeulen Family Bond



1. Name

The name of the Bond is the BOND OF THE VERMEULEN FAMILY and is further called only the Bond. The Bond is a non-profit organization endowed with legal personality and can act in its own name as plaintiff or defendant in litigation and can perform all the acts necessary to achieve its objectives.



4. membership

Any person who has already reached the age of 18 years and is/was the carrier of the surname Vermeulen and whose parent(s), guardian or spouse is/was a direct descendant of any of the two recognized progenitors, can apply for membership of the Bond on the prescribed application form.

Management will consider the application and may accept such application, subject to:

  1. The applicant must meet all the above qualifications, and
  2. The applicant must have paid the prescribed entry and membership fees.

A membership certificate will be issued to all new members. Membership remains in force for as long as such member's annual membership fees have been paid before a specified date. Membership is terminated when a member fails to pay his membership in time or on the recommendation of the committee if a member fails to meet the objectives of the Bond. The member has the right to object to the termination of his/her membership. Membership is not transferable.


The Bond has decided that the following persons may be admitted as a Friend of the Bond, if:

  1. Her/his mother is/was a born (registered) Vermeulen;
  2. Her/his grandmother is/was a born (registered) Vermeulen;
  3. He/she is a born (registered) Vermeulen, but has not yet reached the age of 18 years.

A Friend enjoys the same benefits/privileges as a Member of the Bond. However, he/she may not submit proposals or vote at an annual general members' meeting. He/she may also not serve as a management committee member. A membership certificate will be issued to Friends of the League. Friends of the League's membership may be terminated for the same reasons as apply to ʼn Member.


Each member has one vote. Votes are cast by members, in person at a members' meeting or by means of a duly completed and submitted proxy. If the proxy does not designate a specific member to represent him/her, the chairperson may assign such power of attorney to any member present according to his/her choice. The principal and proxy must both be members. No member may hold more than 10 proxies.

7. Members' MEETING

The management keeps a record of all members/proxies who attend member meetings. Notice of a members' meeting shall be sent to full members at least thirty days before the appointed date by e-mail or post to the address appearing in the members' register. One/seventh of the number of full members or twenty (whichever number is the smallest) form a quorum at a members' meeting. The Chairman of the Management or in his absence, the Chairman of the meeting presides at such meeting has in the event of a tie, a casting vote. Unless otherwise provided herein, voting shall be by show of hands. If, after the lapse of one hour after the commencement of the meeting, insufficient members are present at such meeting, the Chairperson shall declare the meeting null and void.

A general members' meeting must be held annually.

The general meeting of members must be held no later than 6 months after the conclusion of a financial year.

The following matters should be considered at the general members' meeting;

Decisions are taken and approved by a majority of votes.

Minutes of the annual general meetings are made available to Bond members who were unable to attend meetings.

7.2. (Added on 15.08.2020) Members' and Management meetings can take place where members are present as set out in the provisions of this constitution or through a virtual online platform. Voting takes place as determined by the meeting.


The first financial year runs from the date of establishment until 28/29 February and thereafter from 1 March to 28/29 February, annually.


The Management of the Bond consists of at least four members. Management must appoint the chairman, treasurer, secretary from the elected members. The members of the Management are elected at a general members' meeting and serve until the next general members' meeting. Any vacancy that arises due to the resignation or death of a member will be filled by the remaining board members themselves until the next general meeting. The chairman is elected by the members of the management. One half (½) of the Management plus one forms a quorum during a management meeting. In the event of a tie at a Board meeting, the Chairman shall have a casting vote. The Chairman and another board member act as executive committee to handle those matters that the Management specifically designates. The Management decides from time to time on the initial membership fees and the annual membership fee, as well as the annual final date on which membership fees must be paid. The execution of all objectives rests with the Management. The management opens a bank account in the name of the Bond in which all money over which the management has control is deposited. The maintenance of the financial administration is handled and maintained by the treasurer. The Committee annually appoints an expert person or member to review the financial registers and statements before they are submitted to the General Members' Meeting. The board will meet at least once a year. Minutes will be kept of all board meetings and approved at the next board meeting. A members' meeting must be convened by the board if at least one-seventh of the members of the Bond submit a written request, with motivation, to the board that a members' meeting should be convened. The management arranges family gatherings and acts in this regard at a decision of the members' meeting or at its own discretion. No member or board member participates in the profits or receives financial benefit from the management of the Bond and does not incur any legal liability for decisions taken in good faith or simply by virtue of its membership of the Bond.


Management has the following powers: To carry out in general the objectives set out in clause 2 above, in its sole discretion. To institute proceedings in the interest of the Bond and to defend any action brought against the Bond. To invest Bond funds with recognized commercial banks or other financial institutions. The Management may co-opt any member to the Management for the execution of a specific task.


During a general members meeting, honorary membership may be awarded to members. Such members will be exempt from all future membership fees and will therefore be a member of the Bond for the rest of their lives while retaining all membership rights. The award of honorary membership is limited to a special contribution that the member has made to the origin and continued existence of the Bond.


Provisions of this constitution may only be amended by way of a two-thirds majority of full members present or represented by proxy at a general members' meeting, or a members' meeting convened specifically for the purpose. Members must be notified in advance of the proposed amendments as provided for in clause 7.


The Bond is dissolved in the following manner:

Constitution as approved in its amended form at the General Members' Meeting of 13 July 2019 held at Fochville.

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