Bond of the Vermeulen Family

Vermeulen Family Bond

FOUNDATION of the Vermeulen BOND

The Vermeulens living in South Africa are mainly descended from two different progenitors, namely:

Descendants of these two families met on 3 March 2000 in Klerksdorp, South Africa and the BOND OF THE VERMEULEN FAMILY was established which still exists today and goes from strength to strength.

At the founding meeting, the constitution was approved and the following members were appointed as the first management committee:

Vermeulen Family Bond

The current management (2020) is:

The following members served on the management committee during the Bond's existence until 2019:

The Bond of the Vermeulen Family was founded on the initiative of Johan Vermeulen and the Vermeulen family can proudly look back today and boast not only the Bond itself, but also with a complete Genealogical Register, in book form and on CD, ʼn own website as well as ʼn Facebook page “Bond van die Vermeulen Familie”.

The Vermeulens are sincerely grateful for the initiative and guidance of Johannes Petrus VERMEULEN.

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